Advisors & Other Officers

1.      Senior Executive Advisors

-        David Kim, Associate Administrator for Policy and Governmental Affairs  in DoT's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 202-366-8169

-        David Chien, Deputy Director, Economic Analysis and Forecasting, APO-001, 202-267-3274


President – Zena Huen
Manager, Performance Management Team, AJG-P31
202-267- 7232
Vice President – Vacant
Treasurer – Thong Vu
Engineer, Joint Resources Counsel Branch, AAP-210
Secretary – Eva Ngai
Spokesperson, Office of Communications, AOC-100


  • To promote continued excellence in job performance and professionalism of FAA Asian and Pacific American (APA) employees through pride, dedication, training, and involvement
  • To foster and promote equal opportunity and affirmative action for all FAA employees
  • To facilitate a positive mentoring network
  • To focus on meeting the development needs of all FAA employees

Action Plan

The National Asian and Pacific American (NAPA) Association of the Federal Aviation Administration proudly encourages the continued professional excellence of our members, promotes equal opportunity within a model workplace at the FAA, and facilitates mentoring and networking opportunities to support the development of all FAA employees. Full details in the below PDF document.

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