FAA NAPA Membership




A one year membership to FAA NAPA entitles you to all kinds of benefits.

The National Asian and Pacific American Association (NAPA) proudly encourages the continued professional excellence of our members; promotes equal opportunity and affirmative action at FAA; and facilitates mentoring and networking opportunities to support the development of all FAA employees. Thank you for your continued support of NAPA’s mission.

Renewal Options:

  1. $50.00 Check or Cash mailed to our P.O. Box address or if you are at Headquarters,
    please contact the FAA NAPA Treasurer, Thong Vu, or Mamta Khosla, FAA NAPA
    Membership Chair.
  2. $50.00 PayPal via our website member tab (www.faanapa.org)
  3. $2.00 per pay period deduction for the FAA Federal Employee, Standard Form 1187,
    Box 3 Timekeeper Code 003, send to the FAA NAPA National Treasurer, Thong Vu, to
    sign off on.

** Membership/Renewal Form (required)

Step 1: Purchase your membership/renewal

Step 2: Download your .PDF form HERE,
Step 3: Fill it out
Step 4: Email it to [email protected]

The regular annual dues for NAPA has been set at $50/fiscal year since 2010.

Please submit any inquiries regards membership to Thong Vu @ [email protected]